Tay Phuong supply generators up to 2500KVA

Complete system designed and built at ISO 9001, ISO 3046, ISO 8528 certified
Factory tested to design specifications at full load conditions
Fully engineered with a range of option and accessories
Direct coupled engine and alternator
Standard ambient temperatures from 0 C to 50 C
Absolute humidity: 100%, Relative humidity: 80%
Super silent 67dBA @7m



Original: U.K 
direct coupled, water cooled and fan
4 stroke, 3/4/6 cylinder inline, 1500rpm, auto and direct injection
electrical start/stop: 12/24vdc 


IEC 60034, NEMA MG 1.22, ISO 8528, CSA, CSA/UL
Single coupled, 4 pole, magnetic field, self-exciting brushless,
Water proof, direct fan cooled, multi output power
AVR Electro auto voltage regulation system, 5s impulse brake
H class insulation, IP23 protection standards
50Hz frequency, 220V single phase/220/380V rated volt three phase, 
0.5% Voltage regulation, 0.5% frequency regulation, 0.8 lag power factory for three phase/1 lag for single phase,
Harmonic wave noise: 1.5%, class H temperature 40 C/125 C

LCD control panel

Magnetothermal switch (STD)
Start button, stop button emergency stop button, restart button, auto, manual
Voltage, Ampere, Frequency, power factory, power, energy, hours run,
engine speed, engine temp, battery volt, lubricating oil pressure, fuel gauge
Shutdowns: High water temp, low oil pressure, under/over speed, over power,
short circuit, under/over frequency, under/over volt, fail to control, fail to start.
Alarms: Low battery volt, battery charging failure
Control media: Configuration via panel soft key, multilevel password access,

Automatic transfer

Automatic start/stop/manual with battery charger, 3 phase, 50Hz, 
Auto start when: no electricity, no electric 1 or 2 phase, voltage of electric
current lower than the permissible voltage(adjustable).
Auto stop when electricity on. Transferable time: 2-5s (adjustable).